第一次上大学? 以下是申请经济援助的方法.

If this is your first time applying to college, it’s also your first time applying for financial aid. We’ve made it a little easier to get through the financial aid process by breaking it into individual steps. 通过这个过程, you’ll get all the information you need to apply for grants, 奖学金, 贷款和勤工俭学.


2024 / 2025 FAFSA可用!

2024 / 2025 FAFSA的更新!
The 免费申请联邦学生援助(FAFSA) has major changes for the 2024 / 2025 academic year. 这些变化包括:


It is important for students and parents to be informed of any additional changes made to the FAFSA application. 欲了解更多信息,请使用以下链接到 U.S. 教育部网站.

MCC联邦学校守则: 002872

MCC TAP学校代码: 2180


应用ing for financial aid can take a little time, but it’s definitely worth it. You’ll have several opportunities to get the money you need to help pay for your education.

The steps listed below are for all students applying to college for the first time, 无论你是打算全职还是兼职. By following these steps, you’ll get through the process as quickly and easily as possible.

If you need help, feel free to contact MCC’s 金融援助 Office at (585) 292-2050 or 电子邮件我们. 随意使用我们的 经济援助电脑室, where you can get help filling out your financial aid applications.

记住,你应该早点提交申请, as it can take several weeks to get your applications approved.

You’ll need this unique login for several important financial aid-related tasks.


最好的归档方式 免费申请联邦学生援助(FAFSA) 在线. (这是你需要从步骤1中获得FSA ID的地方.) If you don’t have access to a computer, come to one of our 经济援助计算机实验室, where you can use an MCC computer and get all the help you need.

我们建议使用 IRS数据检索工具 填写FAFSA表格. Th在线 tool pulls information from your federal tax return and ensures your application is filled out accurately.

Changes to the FAFSA® Process for 2022–23: Submit a FAFSA Earlier
Students will be able to submit a 2022–23 FAFSA as early as Oct. 2021年1月1日,而不是从1月1日开始. 1, 2022. Here’s a summary of key dates for submitting the FAFSA depending on when you plan to go to school:

你计划就读的大学来自: 您将提交以下FAFSA: 你可以通过以下途径提交FAFSA: 使用收入 & 税务资料来自:
2021年5月- 2022年5月 2021-22 2020年10月1日- 2022年6月30日 2019
2022年5月- 2023年5月 2022-23 2021年10月1日- 2023年6月30日 2020
2023年5月- 2024年5月 2023-24 2022年10月1日至2024年6月30日 2021


你是纽约州居民吗? 你打算在世纪挑战集团全日制或非全日制学习吗? You can apply for the New York State 学费 Assistance program (TAP) or 援助 for Part-Time Study (APTS) program. 这两笔赠款是通过 高等教育服务公司(HESC).

MCC的TAP代码是2180. 如果您不是纽约州居民,请跳到步骤4.

全职 – TAP is a grant for students meeting residence, 收入, academic or other requirements. 当你在网上完成FAFSA时, 你会在FAFSA网站上看到一个链接, 这样你就可以完成纽约快递TAP申请(ETA). If you fill out a paper FAFSA, you’ll be sent your ETA by mail.

Keep in mind that getting your official TAP notification will take three to eight weeks. If you’d like to check the status of your TAP application, visit the 我的HESC帐户访问权限 页面.

兼职 – If you’re planning to attend MCC part-time and meet residence, 收入, 学历及其他要求, you can apply for a grant through the New York State 援助 for Part-Time Study (APTS) program. You can get an application at one of the MCC 金融援助 办公室 or download one from our 形式 页面.

  • Deadlines for the APTS – Submit your completed application to the MCC 金融援助 Office prior to the deadlines indicated on the application:
    • 秋季学期——通常是八月中旬
    • 春季学期——通常是一月中旬

You’ll receive your award notification approximately six to eight weeks after the application deadline. 得到 更多的信息 有关APTS计划.

What is the New York State 学费 Assistance Program (TAP)?
What is the New York State 援助 for Part-Time Study Program (APTS)?

在你的FAFSA被处理之后, you'll receive a Student 援助 Report (SAR) either by email or through the mail, depending on whether you filed an electronic or paper application.

The SAR uses your FAFSA information to determine your estimated family contribution (EFC). Your EFC is the money your family can contribute to help you pay for college. MCC subtracts your EFC from the cost of attendance to figure out your financial need.

一定要检查SAR的准确性. 你可以做 对FAFSA的更正. 如果你是通过邮件收到你的特别行政区, 在你的论文SAR上做修改, 然后签字并寄回你特别行政区的地址.

Once the corrections are processed, you’ll receive a revised SAR. 一定要保留一份SAR副本以备记录.


Is the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) the actual amount that we will owe the school?

在你的FAFSA被处理之后, MCC will receive your information electronically. (If you file online, we’ll receive it within one to two weeks. If you complete a paper FAFSA, it will take four to eight weeks. Remember, you can always file your FAFSA online at one of our 经济援助计算机实验室.)

If there is an error in or a verification issue with your FAFSA, the MCC 金融援助 Office will contact you via your MCC email address. We may need additional information to correct these problems before your financial aid can be finalized and applied to your account. 所以,请每天查看MCC的邮件.


祝贺你! You’ve completed all the necessary financial aid paperwork. We know the process can be time consuming, but it’s definitely worth it. When you receive your notice about your financial aid awards from MCC, any grants for which you’re eligible will be credited toward your tuition charges automatically.


  • 检查你的 FAFSA状态. You will need your FSA ID; if you have forgotten or misplaced it, you can request a new one at the Federal Student 援助 web 页面.
  • 检查你的 龙头地位. 您将需要TAP或HESC PIN.
  • 检查你的 世纪挑战集团的应用 并接受任何提供的经济援助奖励. You will need both your MCC Student ID number and myMCC User ID and Password.


Are there resources available in the parents name to help pay for their student’s education?

Please keep in mind that not everyone will qualify for a Federal Pell and/or TAP grant, or be eligible for a grant large enough to meet educational costs. Luckily, there are many other ways to finance your education at MCC: